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Welcome to the John Barreto Institute of Tattooing, where artistry converges with expertise in a legacy forged by our founder, John Barreto. With over 15 years of tattooing experience, John's journey began at the very bottom, evolving into the establishment of the first-ever tattoo shop in Passaic, NJ. His story inspires our commitment to nurturing aspiring artists and providing the mentorship he wished for during his early days in the industry.

Our institute is built on values deeply rooted in artistry, excellence, and mentorship. Beyond technical skills, we believe in fostering creativity and a genuine passion for the craft. John envisions a community where artists flourish, pushing boundaries, and achieving their full potential.

In line with our commitment to comprehensive training, our curriculum reflects the importance of proper education in the tattoo industry. Seminars cover safety protocols, including blood-borne pathogen certification, CPR, and sterilization, along with advanced shading techniques and reel skin applications. Each seminar is designed to impart both technical expertise and the artistry that sets our graduates apart.


We understand that in an industry driven by individuality, proper training is paramount. The John Barreto Institute is dedicated to equipping artists with the skills needed to create exceptional art while ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. Through mentorship, hands-on experience, and a curriculum designed by industry experts, we empower our students to embark on their own journeys of success.

Join us at the John Barreto Institute of Tattooing, where passion meets precision, and every stroke tells a story. Elevate your craft, embrace your creativity, and become the artist you aspire to be in a community that celebrates the art of tattooing.

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